Xabier Sáenz de Gorbea
published in the Journal DEIA, the July 1, 2007


Koldo Etxebarria is a painter who uses art tools such as Autodesk Maya software. From the computer raises positive images on photographic paper. The artist shows the possibilities of the machine and offers expressive potential whose boundaries are unpredictable.

Etxebarria Koldo ideas refer to the area of aesthetics, while looking for idealized protection of harmony and beauty. As he says: “My research delves into the inner beauty, the harmony, the aesthetic joy in the poetics of the human being. They are all the same substance, it goes beyond the perceptual appearance and rational and ideological processes. ”

His work is a compendium of modernity where some references, both figurative and abstract bind whose horizons of meaning are evoked directly and indirectly. The artist projected perspectives are formed by a constant which refer to architectural rationalized by classical and modern spirit of less is more. The cockpits are both exterior and interior framing and demonstrate is a frame that not only protect but seem solitary human figures.

Tables, as well as the figures, operating mechanically have some concomitance with Oskar Schlemmer Bauhausianas ideas. They also inhabit the strange estrangement that is handled in the pictorial challenge Chirico. Also exemplified the brooding melancholy Edward Hopper be wrapped in cellophane everyday city. Also receives the iconic legacy of the California pools David Hockney. And the solutions are multiple spaces in the hyperreal line Richard Estes.

The optical existential abstraction manifests the ultimate meaning of painting and sculpture at the evocation of specific works of Rothko and Oteiza. Beyond tastes or timeliness of the notions, Koldo Etxebarria provides not only a connection to the metaphysics of modernity but also extreme consistency that serves all works.

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