(exhibition Arostegi – Bergara)

In this project we take again an important aspect of the contemporary art on which we have based this exhibition: Unity lies behind the differences. It is about addressing the creative process as a whole and not considering only the forms, since we often forget the inspiration source.
There is a reality behind the different forms that can be found in each art work. It is a thesis exposed by Platon, his followers and later on by the contemporary thinkers like Jean Klein, Ken Wilber and Consuelo Martin among others. This reality is the result of intelligence and beauty. It is there where all the creative processes begin. There is unity.
It is in this way that we conceive this exhibition, as an experience of reflection about this unity where we can find the source of the forms that we the three artists propose.
The differences refer to the formal side of the processes and the ideological aspects that can be found in the art field. This exhibition is an instance for that.
Firstly, it is Julio Mendikute who uses a very personal technique called quimigrame. It consists in an image created on paper by the light effects, by the developer and the fixative without using any camera. Through this process, painting with photography chemicals on photosensitive surfaces, he can create images. His works display images with full of vital strength. They contain an attractive, passionate and expressive impulsiveness leading us to emotional fields.
Secondly, photographs by Jon Azofra. He tries to express that the classic forms in photography are not the only way to show the non sensory world, the human spirit for instance. In his photographs he captures city´s landscapes, where the human being leaves unconsciously the most personal traces, buildings and other works. As picture creator the visitor sets a dialogue and projects himself when he gazes the work. The exposed photographs are the result.
Last but not least, Koldo Etxebarria looks at the metaphysical reality of the human being. This is an “état de sprit” provoked by poetic pleasure and harmony. It is perceived when someone is gazing at something with love. In order to recall this reality, he creates empty and at the same time inhabited spaces where silence envelops everything. The light shows the human being in a contemplative attitude. His pictures made with 3D technology try to point out and recall this metaphysic dimension.
The three artists in this project we present a conceptual and formal diversity. But the different visual forms are not real in themselves. The reality is in the beauty, and this is not in the art piece but in the observer and in the creator. The shapes are only projections made by the observer´s intelligence. Since Platon and his followers a lot have been said about the contemplating mind that looks straight at what the intelligence shows.
We propose in this exhibition to make apparent the unity existing behind the diversity of our work. We have an interest to underline that beauty is shapeless. It is a state of consciousness and not an object created by this. It lies with the observer not with the object.
It is an interesting matter that does not stop in theory. Beauty brings us to our origin. Cunsuelo Martin used to say: “When beauty leads me to deep reality that lies behind the forms then it leads me to myself, to my real me. Jean Klein points out in the same direction: “Our nature and the true nature of the art work both are the same thing. Art wakes us up to ourselves. The human being loves beauty because it echoes its own beauty.
In beauty is unity because it is our being and our consciousness. All forms with their differences rise from them. The art work is a projection. The art work is this interior esthetic projection whatever the provoking forms are. We see outside the poetry projected by our own inside. The art piece is a shadows game that let us to project the beauty rising from ourselves. When we recognize harmony in an art work it is important to dilute in it. We have to turn from the art object to the esthetics and stay in this state. The human being does not miss an objects beauty because we are the beauty. Contemplating this beauty that we are, the unity of all artistic forms is kept.

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